Tamanchay producer Suryaveer Singh lashes out at Bharat Ratan

Mumbai: Tamanchay producer Suryaveer Singh reacted to sporadic media reports concerning Bharat Ratan, who has been making fraudulent allegations. While…

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Mumbai: Tamanchay producer Suryaveer Singh reacted to sporadic media reports concerning Bharat Ratan, who has been making fraudulent allegations.

While the said individual claims to have directed Tamanchey-Pyar Mein Dil Pe Mar De Goli and has stated that he has directed almost the entire film before his services were terminated.The producer clarifies that nothing can be further from the truth.

Says producer Suryaveer Singh, “ So far we have maintained a dignified silence and tried to ignore his actions, but in many sections our silence is being misconstrued as admittance towards his wild,baseless and diabolical allegations.He knows that I am a individual producer who has put everything at stake for this film and any delay or obstacle will hurt me financially and he will succeed in blackmailing me then.”

If sources are to be believed, the said individual approached the producer with a script with the claim of having written it indigenously in 2011. He had already got the consent of Nikhil Dwivedi to play the main lead but the actress was still to be finalized. Survayeer immediately entered into a contract with him and on his insistence paid him the full amount for the script and the team started work on the pre production.

Adds Suryaveer Singh, “All along during pre production I was told by my crew and lead actors at various times that he didn’t know his job but I ignored all that but once the shoot of the film started my worst fears came true, this particular individual was no director, for not having even the basic knowledge of the craft of film making. It was my lapse of judgement that I did not heed to the warnings of my crew and lead actors to which now I fully admit and I still decided to give this individual a chance to prove himself. After three days of shoot, the editor of the film certified that the shot footage was unusable. This caused me a huge financial loss plus my principal crew threatened to leave the film. I was also about to lose my actors and I had to do what was in the best interest of the project at that time. I terminated the services of the said individual legally and as per the contract.”

Official sources confirm that a new director was appointed and the shooting began all over again with a fresh slate. The final product that everyone sees today was created by a different set of crew and had no connection with this individual whatsoever.

While the said individual has approached the directors association, producer Suryaveer Singh has approached the producers association and the matter was left to the two associations to sort.

Clarifies Suryaveer, “A few weeks later we received a legal notice from this individual staking claim as director of the film, in his petition he asked the court to put a stay on all further work on the film including the release on completion,not only was that a rude shock but we were at our wits end that why would an individual stoop to this level and blackmail us so.It is ridiculous that he is raising these issues over 2 years later at a time the film is releasing. We were left with no option but to respond in court wherein the Honble Judge at the very first hearing itself dismissed his case and issued an order in our favour on October,2012.”

Subsequently another writer staked claim on this script, he further filed a complaint against the said individual with the writers association and the association after examining the complaint has ruled against the said individual asking him to pay the original writer.
There is also a complaint of fraud and cheating filed against the said individual at Amboli police station.