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Swara Bhaskar learning to handle a new born baby on the set of Tanu Weds Many Returns

Swara Bhaskar, set, Tanu Weds Many Returns

Mumbai: Swara Bhaskar who is making a friendly appearance in the sequel of Tabu weds manu, is returning in the role that made her popular as the straight speaking and sensible Bihari lass Payal.

In the sequel Payal has had a baby, and so Swara a total novice at handling infants is having to start from scratch, I.e. learning to hold a baby. It is learnt that initially Swara was nervous and not very confident with handling the baby on set but now while shooting this current schedule in Haryana the actress seems to have got the hang of infant care. Sources on set say, “Swara is great with the robust 6 month old Haryanvi baby. She comes on set and immediately takes the baby into her arms and carries him around till pack up. She is careful and ensures that the baby’s mother is always around and included in the shot where possible. Amazingly the infant has grown very comfortable with Swara and doesn’t cry at all. In fact he falls asleep minutes into reaching Swara’s arms. Swara really looks like a happy involved new mom.”

The actress confirms and says, “I was initially v scared about dropping some one else’s baby but on this schedule and with this baby something has changed. He is the happiest little bundle of joy I’ve ever seen..” She adds laughing, ” I carry him about as much as I can without making his mom insecure and I must say it is quite a workout for the arms.”

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