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Surbhi Jyoti’s Equation with television show Qubool hai…?

Surbhi Jyoti, television show, Qubool hai

Mumbai: Surbhi Jyoti started her debut in Indian television with her role as “Zoya Farooqui” in the show “Qubool Hai” for which she gained a lot of recognition and fame. Her bubbly and chirpy character won a lot of hearts and the fans adored her.

However things began to go downhill with the exit of Karan Singh Grover (Who is now working for his Bollywood venture Alone opposite Bipasha Basu) ; with the entry of Raqesh Vashisth as Karan’s replacement the show lost of a lot of it’s viewers and the show wasn’t the same anymore, however along with the show there has been some changes in Surbhi Jyoti herself.

Qubool Hai was once so high on the TRP charts and a serial where she played a very dignified, important role yet now her character of Sanam has been reduced to nothing but a house maid. The show has been repeating it’s old scenes, trying to recreate the same scenario and magic it had gained in Qubool Hai prior to the leap and exit of KSG, in a poorly executed way.

Illogical tracks have become a part and parcel of the serial with Sanam being kidnapped and almost killed a multiple times; dressed as a bride number of times and yet misses her fairytale ending and eventually becomes a maid once again.

This brings us to question why is she still on a show that does not appreciate her and has made her character nothing but a maid, dumb and even to the extend of having to become a mujra dancer.

Her current co-star makes her life no less easier with he and his wife constantly interfering in her life and also her social media account, answering the fans on behalf of her, acting like her personal PR team and openly calling her his second wife. Not to forget the number of times her co-star has tried all types of cheap tactics to gain attention. Like over hugging , Kissing and lifting her in his arms during interviews to create chemistry that evidently is not there. Is this kind of cheap tactics used by all leading actress of other television serials or is it just them?

Despite all this she continues to work in Qubool Hai, she is happily doing her work even when her payments are not up to date. Her character as Zoya had gained enough appreciation and recognition for her to be a well-known person in the industry. What could be her reasons to continue working in a serial which clearly does not give her the same recognition that she once got? Yes an actor could be gracious to the serial which was her debut but to keep up with scenarios like this requires much more than gratitude. Does she have a personal gain in doing it which keeps her going without any complaints or does she simply enjoy the cheap attention showered on her by her co-star in the guise of kisses and hugs and any excuse to touch her in anyway.

Is this cheap publicity what she wants and is it what is making her stay? We will soon get back with more updates.

written by S. Agarwal



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