Sunny Leone shoots commercial with Balaji Creators

Contrary to new age workouts and diet charts that forbid consumption of anything cooked using ‘ghee’, the actor is now…

Balaji Creators, Sunny Leone,Dholpur Fresh Desi Ghee

Contrary to new age workouts and diet charts that forbid consumption of anything cooked using ‘ghee’, the actor is now endorsing Dholpur Fresh’s desi ghee.

“It is neither the gym nor the latest diet programmes, it is ghee that has helped me maintain my physique” quipped Sunny Leone. In order to promote Dholpur Fresh’s desi ghee, Balaji Creators has roped in Sunny Leone in their latest commercial.

Commenting on the campaign strategy , Puneet Sharma of Balaji Creators says “Featuring Sunny Leone for the ad has been great since she is the face & inspiration to many Indian women and epitomizes hard work and perseverance – an apt quotient for the product. This is the first time we are working with Sunny Leone, infact this also the first time that she is promoting a food brand. The back drop of the ad is very different from other ghee ads. We aim to transport the audience to a different era which epitomizes quality & originality which Balaji Creators stands for”

Elated about her association with Balaji Creators, Sunny Leone says “This is the first time that I am the face of a desi ghee brand. Balaji Creators carry a legacy of producing premium quality content to the audience. The stature of the ad is something which no one has ever attempted or showcased on television in regards to food oil or ghee brands. I am more than happy to come on board with Balaji Creators. I look forward to a long term association”

The ad spot opens with celebratory music on the soundtrack which showcases Sunny Leoneportraying a princess doing her shringar, helped by her maids. The storyboard has a parallel featuring a royal kitchen where Dholpur Fresh desi ghee is being poured in liberal amounts into various Indian delicacies, as they are cooked which is presented to Sunny Leone on huge royal table laden with food into an amazing dining area, in royal utensils. The TVC highlights Sunny Leone’sindulgence in Dholpur Fresh desi ghee’s delicacies.


The narrative of the ad draws a close relevance between home cooked food & the journey back to the days of splendour; an era etched in Indian history and mythology as the era of royalty, sensuality and indulgence