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Sunny Leone paired with Yuvraj Singh in Beimaan Love!

Sunny Leone, Yuvraj Singh, Beimaan Love

Delhi-based debutant and actor, Yuvraj Singh has been roped in to play the lead opposite Sunny Leone in journalist-turned-director Rajeev Chaudhari’s, upcoming film Beimaan Love.

Beimaan Love is an intense drama about a woman’s struggle in the corporate world.

The biggest surprise packet of 2016 is debutant Yuvraj Singh’s new image to play opposite bold and strong woman Sunny Leone. Yuvraj has performed intensely in this thought-provoking, challenging role. ‘Beimaan Love’ is a musical dark romance depicting the imperfect love of current times, where Yuvraj has really performed remarkably and soon going to flatter audiences by his acting skills.

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