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Sofia Hayat reveals why she turned into a nun, displays Silicon implants removed from breasts !

Sofia Hayat, nun

Ever since her transformation into Gaia Mother Sofia, Hollywood model-turned-nun Sofia Hayat has been criticizing the use of makeup and even said that she will never have sex or get married.She said in an Instagram post, “We are beautiful without make up, hair are perfect as we are.” Now, Sofia has apologized to her fans for her ‘previous life’ as a model.

Speaking to media, Sofia said, “I apologize to my fans and anybody who found me beautiful with makeup and implants. Three weeks ago, I had my implants removed.”

Sofia said in an earlier interview that she will never have sex, get married or have children. When asked if she considers having sex or getting married wrong, Sofia said, “The problem is media promotes sexual promiscuity. There is nothing wrong with making love. I say, make love and connect to your bodies. I will not marry or have sex or have children as I need to save myself for my children earth. I am the Holy Mother Gaia Mother Sofia.

She further said, “Unfortunately, women start believing that showing sexy, curvy body is freedom. The truth, however, is that all media organisations across the world are directly or indirectly controlled by men. So what we thought was freedom, was just a man’s view of how a woman should look. That is some freedom !”.

Sofia was in tears when she spoke of her visit to Egypt.She is in India to support different NGOs and wants to go to draught affected areas in Maharashtra.She will not promote her film Six X .

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