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Slumdog Millionaire’s Freida Pinto doesn’t like to see herself!

Slumdog Millionaire, Freida Pinto

Mumbai: Slumdog Millionaire lead actress Freida Pinto has openly revealed an important part of her personal life in a statement during a conversation. Mostly the actor and actresses are very much concerned about their look but Freida Pinto said that she is not much bothered about how she looks.

Along with this Freida said that she don’t feel like looking into the mirror and seeing how she is looking and in relation to this she consider that her beauty often works against her when it comes to landing gritty roles, as per the reports.

Freida Pinto said, “It’s not necessarily the way I see myself. In fact, I don’t even like to look at myself in the mirror. But I’m aware of the perception and I always say that if it’s because of that one line in ‘Slumdog…’ where Latika is described as ‘the most beautiful girl in the world’, then I have to do everything that I can to change that perception.”

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