Shivin Narang and Nia Sharma give love a new meaning in the ‘Gale Lagana Hai’ music video

Fans were extremely impressed to see the brand new side to Tony Kakkar where he flaunted his vocal prowess in the song ‘Gale Lagana Hai’.

Gale Lagana Hai, Shivin Narang, Nia Sharma
Source: Twitter

Mostly known for making party hits, singer Tony Kakkar collaborated with his sister Neha Kakkar to make a melodious song ‘Gale Lagana Hai’. Needless to say, fans were extremely impressed to see the brand new side to him where he flaunted his vocal prowess.

The music video of song starred the fresh pairing of Nia Sharma and Shivin Narang, who made the video visually appealing due to their stunning screen presence. The premise of the song follows a lady (Nia Sharma) who realizes that her husband who was instated in the Indian Army lost his life while serving his country.

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The heartfelt lyrics of the song have also been penned by Tony Kakkar himself. He has captured the essence of how keeping a promise of love feels when you have lost someone close to you. So far, the song has 6 million views on its music video. It is present on Desi Music Factory’s music channel.