Shivangi Mehra caught kissing — Video leaked

Mumbai: A little birdie tells us that Pocket Gangsters director Hemant Nilim Das had a tough time convincing his female…

Shivangi Mehra, kissing, Video, leaked

Mumbai: A little birdie tells us that Pocket Gangsters director Hemant Nilim Das had a tough time convincing his female lead Shivangi Mehra to do an intimate kissing scene in the movie. The movie titled Pocket Gangsters, stars Madhur Mittal of Slumdog Millionaire and Million Dollar Arms fame in the lead. It is produced by Vikram M Shah of Ciemme Entertainment Pvt Ltd and it set for a 26th September 2014 release.

As per the reports, Shivangi was not ready to lock lips with Madhur Mittal and flatly refused to do the scene. Coming from a conservative family, she was hesitant doing it. Madhur Mittal was amused by the hesitancy of his leading lady, but she managed to reason with him and he did not force her. But Hemant Nilam Das was adamant to shoot the scene which was very crucial to make a point in Asia’s first One Shot Uncut movie.

Pocket Gangsters director Hemant Nilim Das said, “The essence of the entire sequence lay in the smooching scene. while Pocket Gangsters has a raw feel, this kissing scene was a pivotal act in creating an atmosphere for the raw feel. Pocket Gangsters has many such ‘raw’ scenes.”

Finally after a lot of convincing, Shivangi Mehra relented and gave in to the delight of the unit and crew members. Madhur was informed and the scene was to be shot. The movie being a one take movie, they all knew that they had to do it in just the first take. So, when the director yelled ‘action’, both actors professionally mastered the shot. All’s well that ends well they say.

Pocket Gangsters is loosely based on the story of the kidnapping and murder of an NGO-activist Sanjay Ghose is a hostage drama cum comic thriller. The shooting of this film was completed in December 2013. It is the story of a girl who is worth millions. The plot has numerous twists and turns, the storytelling is highly cathartic and the music is romantic. A true gangster spirited feature.…the film engages you from the beginning till end with shock and awe, says director Hemant Nilim Das. The star-cast of the film includes Madhur Mittal of Slumdog Millionaire fame, Tamil actress Shivangi Mehra who had a small role in Once Upon a Time Dobara, Raghubir Yadav of Peepli Live, Vijay Raaz known Dedh Ishqiya, Mukesh Bhatt, Monalisa & also stars Hemant Nilim Das.

Sanjiv Singh is the cinematographer of the film, story, screenplay and dialogues are by Hemant Nilim Das, production co-ordinator – Manish R. Sharma, music by Lucky -Navi & Chanchal, Lyrics are by Hemant Nilim Das & Lucky while the action directors are Darshan Singh, Raju & Fayaz.