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Shah Rukh Khan’s new Graphical avatar for ‘Atharva – The Origin’ released on Youtube

First Look, Shah Rukh Khan, Atharva – The Origin

Mumbai: Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan always comes up with one or the other beautiful ideas and last time we have seen the wonderful work by SRK in RAONE. Soon, we are going to see SRK in animated graphic novel titled Atharva – The Origin.

The first look video of Shah Rukh Khan’s animated novel has been released on Youtube and the viewer count has crossed one lakh in a short period of 4 days.

In the video we will see Shah Rukh Khan standing on mountain and fully equipped with armours.

Author: Ramesh Thamilmani
Illustrations: Ramesh Acharya
Project Head: Vel Mohan
Producer: Vincent Adaikalaraj
Project Co-ordinator: Ashok Manor
Operations: Sanjay Raghavan
Teaser Music: Dharan Kumar

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