Sequel ‘Titliaan Warga’ by Harrdy Sandhu out now!

This time the song ‘Titliaan Warga’ has been shown from a different perspective.

Titliaan Warga, Harrdy Sandhu
Source: Twitter

‘Titliyaan’ song that released in the month of November last year was loved by many and soon became very popular. The video starred Sargun Mehta and Harrdy Sandhu and was focussed on the concept of breaking someone’s trust in a relationship. A sequel to the original was recently released and featured the vocals of Harrdy Sandhu himself.

This time the song has been shown from a different perspective i.e. from the eyes of the unfaithful lover. After the original song’s release, many of Harrdy’s fans requested him to make a version of the song which has been sung by him. He replied to that by finally unveiling the video for his fans with his mesmerising vocals of the love ballad. The music video also features narration and screen presence of Jaani who wrote both the versions of the song.

See it here:

Actress Sargun Mehta also featured in the song for a minor duration but managed to woo everyone with her charm and presence. Fans have equally admired the new version ‘Titliaan Warga’.