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Searching For Sheela: Witness Ma Anand Sheela’s life in her Netflix documentary

Searching for Sheela, Ma Anand Sheela

See Searching For Sheela trailer here.

The upcoming documentary titled Searching For Sheela’s release is just around the corner. Shakun Batra is the executive producer of the project and it has been bankrolled by Dharma Productions. Prior to this, another documentary had released on Netflix titled ‘Wild Wild Country’ that elevated the curiosity quotient of the watchers about the life of Ma Anand Sheela. Now she is here to reveal her life to the world in her very own documentary.

In the trailer that got released, the ex spokeswoman of the Osho movement was seen saying, “What you can expect from me? You can’t expect anything from me. I will be only me. So if you are expecting me to be something else, you have lost.

See Searching For Sheela trailer here:

The cameras followed Ma Anand Sheela for more than 25 days and shot her being a part of multiple events that got carried out all across the nation.

Searching for Sheela will start streaming on Netflix from today i.e. 22 April 2021. is owned & managed by Media Minds Solutions


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