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Scarlett Johansson gets slimed while accepting her Generation Award at MTV Movie & TV Awards 2021

Scarlett Johansson

See the unexpected slime moment from Scarlett Johansson’s speech here.

Celebrated actress Scarlett Johansson got honoured by the ‘Generation Award’ at the recently held MTV Movie & TV Awards 2021. It was for her contribution to the world of cinema and becoming a household name at an international level during her career that has spanned 3 decades. As the actress accepted the award and was giving a heartfelt speech through her home live, her husband Colin Jost decided to throw some slime on her.

While she was giving her speech, Johansson said, “Watching that reel reminds of me all the incredibly inspiring collaborators that I’ve been fortunate enough to work with for over three decades.” She further said, “I ever would’ve been able to continue to evolve as an actor for the last 30 years without the support and dedication of so many cast and crew members that make up the nomadic traveling circus family that are [on] movie sets, and the dedication and hard work of so many people that goes into making any movie continues to inspire me as a performer.”

See the unexpected slime moment from Scarlett Johansson’s speech here:

Currently, Scarlett Johansson is gearing up for her upcoming film ‘Black Window’ from Marvel Studios where she will reprise her superhero character that has been a part of the ‘Avengers’ franchise. It is scheduled to release on 9 July 2021.


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