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Salman Khan apologizes just after BJP protest outside Galaxy Apartment | See exclusive Pictures

Salman Khan, BJP, Galaxy Apartment, exclusive, Pictures

Mumbai: Bollywood actor Salman Khan has recently locked the media attention against an aggressive tweet made over twitter which is directly questioning the judicial of India.
Well, just next to the twitter act ruling party BJP’s associates gathered outside Salman Khan’s home at Galaxy Apartment, Bandstand and came with a single message “Salman Khan Hai Hai”.
Just next to the act Salman Khan deleted all the tweets and openly felt sorry for everything.

Salman Khan Latest Tweets:


Along with this Salman Khan is trending on Twitter but not for his movie or any other good reason but this time the trending tag is #SalmanKhanwithTerrorist.
Now, Bollywood actor Salman Khan has removed all the aggressive comments and made a apology tweets see the reaction, on father Salim Khan’s advice.
Let’s wait for the updates and see how people are going to take this side of Salman Khan.

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