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Rustom brings back memories for Boman Irani’s Family

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Akshay Kumar’s upcoming film is inspired by the KM Nanavati case…A lot of people have followed the case closely so it has bought back memories to them…Boman Irani’s family was also one of them as that was the talking point in the family..
A source close to Boman’s family tells us that the scenario outside the court resembled today’s media circus. He says, “Now, news goes viral on social media and then percolates to newspapers and television channels. Back in those days, we only had the print media and radio. Many people attended the hearings to get first-hand information.“

He further adds that “Cdr Nanavati was an icon of that time.It was a landmark case as it was the last time a jury sat on trial. So, with Rustom coming up it has brought back memories of that incident.“

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