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Rohan Shrestha Finds Organisation in Mess!

Rohan Shrestha

Mumbai: Making an individual identity being a son of a famous father is difficult enough, but taking up the same career as his, takes difficulty to another level. Rohan Shrestha may not be like his father personally, but gives all the credit of his photography expertise to his father Rakesh Shrestha. Rohan shares, “Dad is very disciplined and strict with timings. He finds me to be messy, but I know that there is organisation is my mess. I love him of course, but I can’t be told what to do.”

Rohan is young, and messy, but when it comes to work, he is steadfast!

For him creativity is of utmost importance, everything else is secondary. According to him, creativity is one thing that makes you different from the others and gives your work the much needed novelty.

This young man has his own belief system, and will go with the flow of his individuality, no matter whom he works with.

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