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Ravi Dubey cheers wife Sargun Mehta for her film’s success!

Ravi Dubey, wife, Sargun Mehta, film

Mumbai: Ravi Dubey, currently seen in Zee Tvs’ Jamai Raja, is busy cheering for his wife and TV actress Sargun Mehta for her Punjabi film Angrej!

Showing his excitement Ravi said, “I am feeling extremely proud on her. Sargun is an inspiring personality in my life. Everytime she decides that she wants to do something, and within days I see the thing is done. Punjabi films are huge in canvas and have earned lot of respect all over the world. They are wonderful combination of entertainment, great music, comic timing and fantastic talent. I am extremely happy and proud that Sargun has done this film. The trailer had crossed a million views which was very encouraging. I was sure the film will do wonders and I was confident about Sargun as well because she is a fabulous performer. I have seen her doing so many roles with ease and maturity.”

Since many years Ravi and Sargun has been working in the TV industry. Both of them have made a successful journey. Talking about Sargun’s variety of projects throughout her career Ravi shared, “Sargun has grown from TV fiction to Punjabi films and many more upcoming projects which she will be doing soon. She has a trait of pouring a part of herself in her every characters which is a fantastic trait in an actor. The audience always relate to the actors as well as their characters. Therefore, the actor should be intelligent enough to bring a little bit of himself/herself to the characters. Sargun does that elegantly. I have seen her doing fiction, reality shows, live performances and anchoring live shows in very young age. She has explored so many dimensions in her career and she excels at it. The punjabi film has added another feather to her hat and she has done a fabulous job.”

Having partners from the same industry has it own perks. In Ravi’s words, he doesn’t know how he inspires her professionally but Sargun teaches him a lot. “I have tendency to get tunnel-viewed with one thing and completely ignoring others. Whereas Sargun is amazingly balanced. She inspires me to be able to create value in every area of my life. It frequently happens that I get drowned in my work for 6 – 8 hours and would forget bank appointments and many other important work. But she has an eye for everything. She handles everything on par which is unbeatable.”

Ravi had traveled to Chandigarh for the film’s premier. “I wanted to be there, at the moment when she would see herself on 70 mm silverscreen. At the end of the film, I wanted to tell her that how much proud I was and how amazing job she had done”

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