Ramanujan’s biopic ‘The Man Who Knew Infinity’ to open IFFI 2015

Goa: The internationally-acclaimed movie, The Man Who Knew Infinity will open the 46th edition of International Film festival of India…

Ramanujan, biopic, IFFI 2015

Goa: The internationally-acclaimed movie, The Man Who Knew Infinity will open the 46th edition of International Film festival of India to kick off in Goa on November 20. The director Matthew L. Brown along with the actors of the film Dev Patel, Toby Jones, Devika Bhise, Producer Edward Ramback Pressman, producer Annie Marie Mc Encroe and Executive Producer & Associate Producer Swati Bhise today attended a press conference in Goa and interacted with media and fans.

The film is based on the life of the great Indian mathematician Ramanujan, whose research in the field of number theory took English academe by storm during the First World War. His friendship with Cambridge professor GH Hardy forever changed the world of mathematics. His evolving friendship with professor, who championed his brilliance against racism and prejudice, is the real core of the film. Highly engaging performances by Dev Patel in the lead role and Jeremy Irons as his curmudgeonly mentor gradually warm up the Cambridge story.

Sharing his experience, Producer Edward Ramback Pressman said, “We are very excited to present Ramanujan’s biopic for the first time in his home country at IFFI 2015. We had a great experience shooting the film in India and the ease with which the production happened here. We shot here because the film is based here but many international filmmakers are looking at shooting in India because of its picturesque geography and ease of permissions”

Addressing the media, the film’s director, Matthew L. Brown said, “Making this film was an utmost challenge and Dev Patel along with my producers Edward and Annie has been a great support in pulling it off. Presenting world renowned Indian mathematician Ramanujan’s biopic in his home country brings us both joy and excitement to see how the Indian audience will receive it. The festival has its own charm in terms of content, venue and film selections that keep the momentum of entertainment and learning ongoing.”

In the movie, Toby Jones has portrayed the role of Ramanujan’s Cambridge Fellow and mathematical analyst John while Devika Bhise has played the role of Ramanujan’s wife. The director Matthew Brown has written and directed the feature film Ropewalk (2000) and The Man Who Knew Infinity is his second feature film.

C. Senthil Rajan, Festival Director said, “The Man Who Knew Infinity is a masterpiece work. There could not be any better choice than this film to open the biggest film festival of India. We are so excited to have the director Matthew L. Brown, actors Dev Patel, Toby Jones and Devika Bhise along with Producer Edward Ramback Pressman, Co-producer Annie Marie Mc Encroe and Associate Producer Swati Bhise among us. With a stellar line up of films, IFFI 2015 is all set to bring a perfect opportunity for film lovers to savor the delightful cinema from across the world.”