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Rahul Bhat is a True Kalakaar!

Rahul Bhat

Mumbai: A true kalakaar, gives back the love he has received in double measures, and Rahul Bhat surely lives up to that! The actor who rose to fame with Anurag Kashyap’s UGLY has been working with a delhi-based NGO which helps underprivileged children to have a better future.

“Financially, I have been supporting this NGO, Kalakaar Trust, for a while now because children are after all the future of the world, making sure they have a bettertomorrow is the most important thing, won’t you agree?” exclaimed Rahul Bhat, who is currently even taking workshops with the kids who have shown interesting in performing arts.

“Rahul has been one of our most ardent supporters, not only does he help us out financially every month, he second he heard that there are some kids who are really showing interest in performing arts, he ensured he took time out and helped with workshops for these kids, to hone their talent. With his support, we held a small art show wherein the kids showcased their talent in form of skits etc… it has not only given them immense encouragement but also made them independent,” shared the spokesperson of the NGO.

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