Promotional gimmick of webseries ‘Undekhi’ disturbs people!

Here is what the Twitterati had to say about the incident.

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Photo: Youtube (Screengrab)

The latest release ‘Undekhi’ in digital space, SonyLiv has exposed itself to a backlash by the netizens due to the promotional strategy opted by them. Many individuals have been receiving phone calls from a man called Rishi who in a trembling voice has been conveying to the people that he has seen a murder and how the murderers are after him now. Turns out, it’s all for promotion as during the end of the call people are getting urged to watch Undekhi on SonyLiv.

People have been taking to Twitter to express the outrage regarding this insensitive act.

Here is what the Twitterati had to say about the incident.

Even actress Mini Mathur came across this marketing gimmick and called out SonyLiv for their brutal strategy to promote their show. She tweeted, “Has everyone finally LOST THE PLOT??? Such a pathetic, insensitive marketing gimmick at a time when people are already on edge and anxious. What a blooming shame!”

After several complaints, SonyLiv took the matter in its hand and released a statement apologising for antagonising people through their promotion.

The show Undekhi revolves around a man who witnesses a murder and records it. He is later threatened by a powerful man. It began streaming on SonyLiv from today i.e. July 10.