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Piece Brosnan says he didn’t know about Pan Bahar, but how can that be possible?


Why did the iconic Pierce Brosnan even agree to advertise something like Pan Bahar? What was the reason? Well, we don’t have an idea.

Now that Brosnan has stated that he the makers of the tobacco product deceptively used his image, the matter has taken an altogether different twist.

Brosnan has tried to come clean, but something is wrong. Being such a top level celebrity, is Brosnan so naïve that he won’t inquire into a product before promoting it? He could have simply googled Pan bahar and he would have known everything.




So this claim of his that he was not aware of what he was promoting falls on its face.

That his clarification comes days after his choice of promoting the brand was ridiculed on social media makes things appear even stranger.

Yes, he could have been led to believe that promoting the brand will give him even more popularity in India – but that didn’t happen.

His Indian fans were shocked and took to twitter to express it in clear words. Memes and jokes started doing the rounds featuring Brosnan’s choice of brand. And this could have possibly hit Brosnan hard.

Another question that arises is why Pan Bahar itself did not come clean on the same. That raises the question: is this entire thing – the Brosnan denial included – an elaborate PR stunt?

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