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One more witness ek rods statement in Preity Ness issue

Preity Zinta, Ness Wadia

MUMBAI: Savan Daru the co-owner of Pune Pistons a badminton franchise, in the Indian Badminton League owned with Mohit Burman & is Vice President-Businessav Development, Ant Farm Business Incubators Pvt. Ltd. has emerged as one of the witnesses in the Preity Ness issue.

Daru was seated 2 rows vertically behind Preity Zinta, He mentioned in his statement that, “We a group of around 10 friends came together to the stadium where the match was just about to begin. Ness came in about 20 mins later with his mother & Nephew who were made to wait for almost 20 more mins to be seated. After seating his mother and nephew Ness went back up.

During the strategic time out, he went back to his mother to check on her & then from there he came to speak with Preity. Savan Says”When he went to speak with her, the first 2 aisle seats were vacant in Preity’s row(Where she claimed her two witnesses were sitting).” Ness was leaning forward and speaking in her ear, I could not hear the conversation, but the moment Ness walked off, Preity started publicly cursing him out using F words. This is what PZ does in every match, she takes up all the front seats & doesn’t allow anyone else to sit around her.”

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