Nizhal trailer: Star Nayanthara’s new film looks like an intriguing mystery thriller!

After watching the Nizhal trailer, all the fans have their curiosity quotient has heightened enough to see the film.

Nizhal, Nayanthara
Source: Twitter

The trailer for an upcoming Malayalam film ‘Nizhal’ was released on the occasion of Holi. It has interesting themes like murder, mystery and even horror. Fans were left wanting to know more after the trailer ended and their curiosity quotient has been heightened enough to see the film.

As the trailer starts, the focus has been put on a young schoolboy who seems to have scared his teachers and classmates after telling a story involving a murder. Supremely talented actress Nayanthara is then introduced as the boy’s mother. Other sequences follow people from the police and also a mysterious lawyer (played by Kunchacko Boban) asking a lot of questions regarding a supposed incident.

See the Nizhal trailer here:

Actors like Divya Prabha, Rony David and Izin Hash will also feature in Nizhal. The film has been helmed by critically acclaimed editor Appu N. Bhattathiri, who has received immense recognition for his projects like Dakini, Veeram, Ottamuri Velicham, Kali and so on. It will be his directorial debut.

Nizhal will be coming to cinemas on 4 April 2021.