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Nimish Mahintura, new witness in Preity Ness matter

Nimish Mahintura, witness, Preity Ness

Both looked normal and were cheering for KXIP after the conversation States the new witness, Dr. Nimish Mahintura in Preity Ness Case.

Mumbai: Another witness has testified in the Ness-Preity matter and it looks like the balance is now further tilted in Ness’s favour. Dr. Nimish Mahintura, who is the latest to testify has told the Mumbai Police that what took place between the two, on the day of alleged incident was a normal conversation without any signs of physical altercation or aggression. In fact, both appeared to be normal and were cheering for their team.

According to Dr. Mahintura, “I was sitting in the 2nd last row in the same block where the alleged incident took place. I saw Ness, his mother and Ness’ nephew come into the stadium a few minutes after the match had started, and there were no seats available for them to sit on. They waited in the aisle for about 10 minutes, and then 2 seats were made available to them. After another 15-20 minutes they found seats across the aisle where all 3 could sit together.

Following this I saw Ness walk up to Preity and have a short conversation with her. The conversation was not long, probably less than a minute, and then I saw Ness walk up the aisle past where I was sitting towards the air conditioned box at the back. I could not hear the conversation since I was not that close and also there was a lot of noise in the stadium. Neither Ness nor Preity seemed upset after the conversation; Preity continued to watch the match while cheering for the team, since Sehwag was going great guns.”

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