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“Mr X” is not inspired by Mr. India or any other Bollywood movie!

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Mumbai: Famous Bollywood filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt’s upcoming movie “Mr.X” starring Emraan Hashmi seems under one or the another question. Earlier, the movie was compared with Hollywood hit movie Hallow man and now the movie has been compared with Bollywood movie “Mr. India”.

Looking after the raising question this time Mahesh Bhatt made an official statement the movie is not inspired by “Mr. India”, as per the reports.

Mahes Bhatt said, “Prior to ‘Mr India’ there was ‘Mr X’ made by my father in 1957. Prior to that, ‘Mr X’ was made by Vijay Bhatt, Vikram Bhatt’s grandfather in 1937 and prior to that there was the ‘The Invisible Man’ in 1933. The narrative of invisible man has been there since decades.”

He added, “I have the memory of going to the sets with my father during the shooting. As a child when I saw my father’s film, I used to fantasize about turning invisible.”

During a conversation regarding the movie Mahesh Bhatt revealed that Emraan Hashmi will be seen playing the role of a righteous ATS officer.

Emraan Hashmi upcoming movie “Mr X” is set to release on 17th April, 2015.

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