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HOGAYA DIMAAGH KA DAHIA new style and sort of film-making has been created in Hogaya Dimaagh Ka Dahi (HDKD) while keeping high degree of drama that would change the trend of making comedy movie in the country.


With a bag full of experienced actors and few new faces, director Fauzia Arshi’s debut film could be called as new age comedy movie that would sure to take you on a roller-coaster-dialogue ride. ‘Five Great Comedians’ of Hindi film industry has set the comic mood in the film taking in consideration our societal milieu.


The movie’s plot is tailored around ‘cat and mouse’ concept, woven in relationships of two different generations. The older generation can be seen teaching the younger lot life’s mantra that can be taught through practice and not through preaching. HDKD is a light-hearted comedy flick that would take you in a tension-free world with its engaging storyline and staunch characters.


Unusual Star Cast
The combination of actors from different background in Hogaya Dimaagh Ka Dahi makes this film distinct from the other comedy movies. “This is the kind of script that requires actors who could justify with the characters and can live them. The characters in the film are close to reality and anybody can relate with them,” Fauzia Arshi said.


She elaborates on the casting of the movie in an absolute ‘dimaagh ka dahi’ mood, “Not-so-serious actor Om Puri is portraying a character who is a fusion of each religion – Mirza Kishan Singh Joseph, Raajpal Yadav in his Masala avatar, Sanjay Mishra would be seen telling your future with benefits in Advocate Ashique Ali’s character, Vijay Patkar as Bawle, a local don Teeli Bhai has been essayed by Razak Khan, the short heighted man Pauwwa played by Suhbash Yadav with the ‘king of comedy’ Kader Khan. The bubbly and energetic actress Chitrashi Rawat would be seen playing the character of Sara in the movie while the three new faces are Amit J, Bunty Chopra, Danish Bhat playing HIV (Harry Inder and Veeru) respectively.”

The ensemble cast is the movie’s strength. Each character has been given the same importance with equal screen-space.


Dialogues are the Soul
Fauzia Arshi seems pretty confident about the packaging and presentation of the movie. According to her, dialogues bring soul in a character and gives an identity to it. Each dialogue is written with an intention of spreading laughter. Fauzia Arshi, who has penned the HDKD dialogues, says, “When I started writing the story and its dialogues, I was only concerned that the film should reach maximum number of people and these unique one-liners should hammer each head.”

With funny characters that shares unusual relationships, HDKD is one movie that is close to reality. The usage of regional Hindi language and its dialect is sure to make place in the hearts and minds of the people like some of the iconic movies made.


Class Apart Story and Screenplay
Hogaya Dimaagh Ka Dahi is a movie written by two intellectuals, Santosh Bhartiya (eminent journalist of India) and Fauzia Arshi. Their diverse background has helped in framing a strong story of our times where the movie deals with the situations of the contemporary society in its humorous approach.

Santosh Bhartiya has written the screenplay taking in utmost care of authenticity. Being a journalist, he has incorporated his experiences and knowledge to create a script in a refined comedy of our age. He has designed it in a way that could easily combine 5 Great Comedians of Hindi Film Industry and has specially designed a role for Kader Khan that could rightly be called as his comeback film.

When asked him about his screenplay writing experience of Hogaya Dimaagh Ka Dahi, he said, “When Director and I finalized the story and its characterization, we thought the screenplay should be interesting enough to support them. So, I penned it keeping the real characters alive with their distinctive individualities.

Musical Comedy Flick
The songs in Hogaya Dimaagh Ka Dahi are ubiquitous part of the film and are composed with an intention to amalgamate cinematic and narrative style that could match up with the drama and pace of the comedy genre. A connoisseur of music – Fauzia Arshi has composed four tracks in the movie keeping in mind the trend and style.

All the four tracks in HDKD is crucial and central to the emotional expression of melodramatic mode. The title track ‘Dimaagh Ka Dahi’ a peppy number sung by Kunal Ganjawala and Ritu Pathak is a typical disco track while ‘Baap Hona Paap’ sung by Mika Singh is another party number to shake your leg. There is one romantic song ‘Kabhi Toh Sun Ghaur Se’ sung by Fauzia Arshi and the qawwali ‘Maula Maula’ by Kailash Kher would transport you in a serene world and tranquility.

When asked about how she manages different compositions of different moods, she says, “Music drives my soul. I enjoy any and every music but in original form so while composing songs for HDKD, I had only one thing in mind that I have to create original music.”

Overall, a fresh offering
With fresh music, combination of newfangled star cast and story, HDKD is new type of comedy movie of recent times that uses good humour as its driving force. The only aim of the director is to spread laughter through the means of staunch characters and sensible storyline. Despite being a comedy genre, it takes emotional and thought-provoking pace with a happy ending.

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