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More shows of ‘Its Okay Not To Be Okay’ star Kim Soo Hyun

Kim Soo Hyun, K-Dramas

Here is a list of Kim Soo Hyun‘s previous work.

Audience from all over the world has developed a liking for Kim Soo Hyun. The Korean actor’s popularity skyrocketed after his stunning performance in one of the most successful K-dramas ‘It’s Okay Not To Be Okay’. Korean culture is getting very popular all over the world in terms of its unique shows and amazing music. Needless to say, celebrities from the region are also becoming international sensations.

Apart from his recent show ‘It’s Okay Not To Be Okay’, Kim Soo Hyun has also starred in many other shows that you should definitely watch if you are as fascinated by the star as the rest of the world is.

Here is a list of Kim Soo Hyun‘s previous work. Check it out:

1. Jungle fish

The Korean drama was based on a true story and featured a realistic premise about the life of students. The theme of the show explored how much pressure is put on a student to achieve milestones like getting admission in esteemed universities and colleges. This was Kim Soo Hyun‘s debut performance. He played the role of a university student who is great at photography and also runs a blog side by side.

2. Dream High

This K- drama belonged to the romantic genre with a touch of music. Kim Soo Hyun played a very distinctive role of a high school student in the series who hails from rural area. He was shown to be a music prodigy with a rare disease. People were left extremely impressed by this role of his.

3. Moon Embracing the sun

Kim Soo Hyun took a break from contemporary shows and starred in this historical fantasy drama. It is a love story between a king belonging to a particular dynasty and a female shaman. The actor played the role of a prince in the show.

4. My Love from the Star

This K-Drama belonged to the romantic fantasy genre. Kim Soo Hyun again played an unconventional role of an alien from the year 1609. Things take a drastic turn when he misses the trip to his home planet and is left on earth for the coming years.


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