Money Heist director Jesús Colmenar leaves a heartfelt note as he wraps up final season

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Money Heist
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The shooting for the final season of Money Heist has come to an end. Many of the actors from the show recently took to their social media to express gratitude for the fans who have always showered the show with love and support. A new post was uploaded by the creator and director of the show, Jesús Colmenar who also bid adieu to Money Heist.

In his post, Jesús Colmenar posed with Migue Amoedo, the cinematographer of the show with a clapperboard in their hands. His post was in Spanish, but here is a translated version, “It is impossible to explain what it feels like to finish La Casa De Papel. Because it is not just a series. It’s our house. Our family. Our battlefield. Our dream achieved. It’s hard to say goodbye to a four-year journey that has changed our lives, and in which we have given EVERYTHING: when we were small and when we were great, when we failed and when we succeeded, when we had almost nothing and when we had almost everything. The delivery was the same. The passion was the same. Forever. Until the end. And the end has come. And with him the awareness that we will never experience anything like it again. With me, forever, I take the best team that anyone can dream of and a cast of unrepeatable actors and actresses, who are already part of my family. The last battle has been the biggest and the hardest, and we have fought it to the last breath. Because we wanted to give you the most epic, most spectacular, and most exciting season of all. The result is for you. And for us the journey. And without a doubt, colleagues, it has been worth it. P.D: @migusgreen, my friend, the one that we have bundled.”

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Money Heist is the most successful global series on Netflix to date. The final season is expected to release towards the end of 2021.