Mannara Clears the Air on Shraddha Kapoor’s allegations

Mumbai: A few days back, Mannara, who makes her debut in the forthcoming ‘Zid’ was taken aback by an aggressive…

Shraddha Kapoor

Mumbai: A few days back, Mannara, who makes her debut in the forthcoming ‘Zid’ was taken aback by an aggressive and accusatory press release sent on behalf of her co actor Shraddha.

In the press statement, Shraddha accuses Mannara of being hostile on the sets of the film. She also accuses Mannara of hitting her during a scene, whereby while attacking Shraddha, she actually ended up hurting her physically. Given that ‘Zid’ is an emotionally charged, dramatic film, the process of making it involved high voltage emotions. And Shraddha’s story sounded shocking and somewhat authentic in this context.

However, the debutante Mannara is stunned with the accusations. Explaining her point of view on the accusations of physically ‘hitting’ Shraddha and getting aggressive during a scene, she says, “The things that she mentioned in the interview, did they really happen on sets?! According to the script, a cat fight scene was shot and the entire cast and crew of the film was witness to it. “ As to what provoked such a reaction from Shraddha, Mannara said, “I have absolutely no idea about that, I have always been myself and I believe no one ever had any issues with me on set.”

As the film’s promotions pick up pace, and it’s music becomes more popular, Mannara & her co star Karanveer have drawn curiosity and interest. Consequently, a question of Shraddha being jealous comes up.
To which, Mannara reacts, “I wouldn’t like to comment on that as, currently my focus is only on ‘Zid’ and myself as an actor. I only have love for my team.”

The film’s makers have a plan in place for Shraddha in the future as part of their publicity strategy. Therefore, her comments about her co star Mannara seem both unreal and an effort to gain easy attention from the media.