Maniesh Paul to go shirtless for Salman Khan’s Da Bang world tour!

Maniesh Paul is anxiously looking forward to his first world tour ‘Da-Bang’ with Salman Khan, as he will not just…

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Maniesh Paul is anxiously looking forward to his first world tour ‘Da-Bang’ with Salman Khan, as he will not just host the show but also plans to go shirtless on stage alike the superstar!

The most celebrated television host was approached for the world tour when he was hosting the dance reality show, Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa but at that time his hand was fractured.

“Naturally, I panicked when I got the call. I told them about my condition and they said, ‘Don’t worry, this will happen next year’” informs Maniesh adding, “I was overjoyed and decided that if I have to go with Salman Sir, I have to not only be as fit as him, but also build my physique in such a way that I should be able to go on stage shirtless like him!”

Maniesh is glad that his personal trainer Pravin Nair helped to get him back in shape. “I didn’t realise how fat I had become, because in the five months that I was wearing a sling, I hadn’t worked out. I would take 20 minutes just to wear a shirt and get into a suit! So, I was really worried,” recalls Maniesh, who worked on his physique for three months focusing on cardio and endurance-based weight training.

“Now, I do weight training four times and isolation and twice a week I focus on crossfit and high intensity interval training. As for diet, I have about six solid meals, one protein shake post workout. I take multivitamins and essential fats in the form of supplements. I drink a lot of water as my diet is on high protein and fibre. Based on my shoot dates, I arrange my intake of carbohydrates,” he elaborates.

Maniesh, who shares a great rapport with Salman adds, “He has a great sense of humour and is one of the finest hosts we have. The way he hosts Bigg Boss, without a teleprompter, I don’t think anybody can do it,” as he recalls an incident that happened when he had gone to meet the superstar on the sets of the controversial reality show, “That day, I had missed out on my workout and when I mentioned that to Salman Sir, he immediately told me to use the gym in his chalet. He even gave me tips on which part to concentrate on and work out. I share a good rapport with him.”

Besides hosting the show, Maniesh will also be performing the opening act and has written a rap portion to introduce the actors performing on tour.