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M.A Pass finds itself In legal trouble over title

M.A Pass

MA pass was announced in 2013 but the film hasnt seen the light of day. but now it appears the film is facing a legal battle with the censor board over its title.

When we contacted the producer narendra singh he was distraught about the development. he said “i had registered MA pass way back in 2013 i own the copyright and trademark for the film. the censor board team told us that they couldn’t finish the censor process for my film since there is already a film by the same name the informed that Mrs j Neelam had registered the same name she was a member of the IMPAA when she had done so.”

With the film due to release on June 24th we hope the board changes its stance, Narendra wants the board to simply focus on their jobs instead of playing big brother. the censor boards job is the screen the film instead of bringing up such matters,we have appealed to the high court and the court issued an objection letter to the censor bard their verdict is still peeing though but despite this they refuse to give us the censorship certificate. producers aren’t safe these days, despite having registered the title i am still facing issues.

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