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Kim Kardashian following Pooja Misrra

Kim Kardashian, Pooja Misrra

Mumbai: Many of these Bollywood and Hollywood stars look-alike and are pretty much well known while some others may not be. Most of these Bollywood stars have been identified based on manual comparison between their face and features like eyes, hair etc.

Recently the gorgeous and lovely Pooja Misrra has turned Into the hottest sex kitten in Bollywood. She did a bold FHM cover on a dare and got everybody smitten to her booty. Just a few days later we say Kim kardashian donning the same hairstyle as Pooja’s FHM cover showing her obnoxious behind , copying Pooja’s style! Not only is the back to front pose similar, but the fluffy and thick Up-Do Bun hairstyle is identical. A little birdie tells us that Kim Kardashian is soon to be entering into Big Boss house following Pooja Misrra’s footsteps!

Pooja Misrra said, “I posted this picture to tell all that every women should embrace her sensuousness and get liberated. If you have a great body flaunt it!.From a Hindu Brahmin girl next door to now me embracing and enjoying my body. Just because we are Indian doesn’t mean we can’t be sexy!”

Well it’s pretty evident that Pooja looks as good from front as she looks from behind! So all the kardarshian’s can go take a hike! As Pooja is all set to bowl us all off with her enviable original style!

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