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Karan Singh Grover is very unpretentious, says Bipasha Basu

Karan Singh Grover, Bipasha Basu, Alone

Mumbai: Karan Singh Grover and Bipasha Basu has been the top trend of the social media and best forum topic of discussion just after the release of their upcoming movie “Alone” official trailer on Youtube. As per the latest updates, the fans have gone crazy and their love and interest for the couple can be seen on the Youtube viewership counter which has crossed 40 lakh views mark in 7 days.

Recently, in many reports Bipasha Basu has been directly or indirectly blamed for the divorce of Karan Singh Grover and Jennifer Winget while, In relation to this, actress Bipasha Basu cleared all rumors during an interview with a well known newspaper.

When a media person asked about their relationship, Bipasha Basu said, “I have never hidden my relationships. Give me time to understand my life and whenever I have understood it, I have spoken about it. And No, I am not dating Karan. This is easy gossip and conversations. The fact is that two people can stay in a relationship or break up, only based on the two people involved. It can never be because of a third.

The third will always come in if there is a problem with the two. That’s how I look at relationships. So the third person is inconsequential between the two people. Karan and I get along like a house on fire. We have great onscreen chemistry and great comfort together. And over the course of time, the way I came to know my director Bhushan Patel is the way I came to know Karan. Even when we had started the film, we knew about Karan’s personal problems. What I like about him is that he is very unpretentious.”

This ends all speculations of Jennifer Winget wanting to end their 2 year old marriage because of his affair with Bipasha Basu.
While Bipasha has cleared that they are not in any relationship but Karan Singh Grover has yet to make any statement.

We bring you the truth everytime and hope we have cleared all misconceptions of Karan Singh Grover’s falsified accusations in the social media. He seems to be innocent.

We will soon get back with more updates.

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