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Karan Singh Grover and Jennifer Winget breakup, What’s the actual Truth?

Karan Singh Grover, Jennifer Winget
  • Karan Singh Grover, Jennifer Winget
  • Karan Singh Grover, Jennifer Winget

Mumbai: All the speculations, rumours and assumptions on Karan Singh Grover and Jennifer Winget’s marriage were finally answered by Jennifer who issued an official statement to Bombay Times. Jennifer also changed back to her maiden name on Twitter making it very clear to everyone that this marriage is over. Much has been talked about Karan, with people bringing back his past into the picture, but is his past the sole reason behind the divorce? Isn’t Jennifer Winget to be equally blamed for it? What’s the truth besides the speculated lies of this break up? Is it Karan’s past that everyone is obsessed with or is his damaged marriage an outcome of Jennifer Winget’s overbearing and insecure nature? Everyone has got a past of their own and Jennifer also has skeletons in her closet which are yet to be revealed, and she can be vindictive enough to play the cliché blame game but Karan being the gentleman will not go down that way to wash dirty linens in public.

Jennifer Winget conveniently walked out of the situation by playing the innocent victim card, if she was so affected by this break up, she clearly is a very good actress to hide it from the world. Every day we see her pictures in which she doesn’t look disturbed in anyway, she is happy with her life and has obviously moved on.

The pictures don’t show her as the mourning woman that everyone expects her to be. And if she has been able to move on so effortlessly, where is the love that everyone keeps raving about? If they were so much in love since their serial “Dill Mill Gayye” then why did Karan marry Shraddha in the first place, and from where did Nicole come in the picture? It just seems so well planned and faked by Jennifer Winget that she trapped him into a delusional marriage and when Karan came back to his senses he did what he felt was right. Jennifer doesn’t seem even a bit fazed by this decision she has very happily moved on. One of Karan’s friend talks about Karan being commitment phobic.

If the friend who claimed Karan said those things really exists, then he is not worthy to be anyone friend’s for letting out things that are said in full confidentiality.

Jennifer Winget may love to dump all her mistakes on Karan Singh Grover and make him the scapegoat but when you love someone from the bottom of your heart, you would not do anything to make him look or sound bad and this is what brings us to question, Did she ever love him?



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