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Karan Singh Grover: A man with a heart!

Karan Singh Grover

Mumbai: Karan Singh Grover gave his life in a nutshell in a recent interview with a very well known media. His words could not be more authentic coming straight from his heart which holds your true and unexplainable feelings. Finally a non scripted IV and as we say “Less is More” is exactly what he did.

Karan’s growing years was very complicated as we now know, thus explaining his withdrawal from the public when life goes against him. His marriages and reasons for it is sad … the most recent one more so was done at a very rocky stage of his life and it clarifies a lot.. Looking for a shoulder to lean on to replace his mothers love and genuine affection was what he wanted all along but it was confused for something else explaining failures both times .

When we had a conversation with an active fan regarding Karan’s interview the fan said, “Karan love for his mother and respect for his father speaks volumes and one can see why he has problems judging people because he was sheltered with caring love and affection all his life and this is the type of love he sees in people making it difficult for him to make right judgments.”

Not wanting confrontations is his greatest set back because this is where he gets trampled on.. QH was one of Karan’s biggest blunder and highlight in life. It made him the man he is today because of the manner his leaving was handled by the Television network executives.

The fans who fought day in and day out to bring him back via Twitter and all social networking gave him international recognition that no actors in the industry ever received to date.

GWSZ was a very bold campaign and its admins were bashed and ridiculed daily for standing up for him but in the end it was a success .. He got his dignity back and in simple words correct me if I am wrong bagged Alone because of this publicity..
In his own words he said Mr Bhushan Patel saw him in QH (Long hair and Beard was post QH) (where again GWSZ (Get Well Soon Zee ) and later on JFK ( Justice For Karan Singh Grover ) gave worldwide recognition to Karan and QH .

Today it’s a blessing that he finally found a friend and confidant in his co – star Bipasha Basu of his soon to be Blockbuster Movie ‘Alone’ where he is comfortable and motivated to carry on with confidence .

Karan always has been and always will be an honest and caring person full of addictive charm and charisma.. Reason why he has the capability to pull an audience of all ages wherever he goes . Wishing him all success in life from here on .
Views of an ardent fan of Karan Singh Grover based on his recent interview ..

Bollywood Dhamaka takes pride to say we Gave both GWSZ and JFK teams all the support they needed at that point of time.

Written By  VHP



  1. Swansea

    December 21, 2014 at 8:31 PM

    yeahh so very true !! This guy is always honest in all his iv’s.His affection towards his closed ones,coactors and fans is clearly visible in his offscreen videos.He is never seen pretending anything in any of his ivs. He seems to treat everyone equally and this friendliness is spreaded in a negative way by the media’s.Karan is loved even more coz of his truthfulness.Zee said the worst abt him but we viewers are not blind to silently accept the allegation dat ksg is unprofessional right ?? Infact my liking towards his previous coactor SJ also dissolved when she in one iv said that ‘Karan was never a friend’who is the same girl who once with ksg had said ‘Karan is a very good friend of mine’ That girl never appreciated him in the media when karan was just the opposite.This cleary showed how honest and a good guy he is. He is not perfect but also not as bad as the way sometimes media’s n some articles tries to potray him.I truely loved Bipasha for her honesty and truthfulness..she looks like a pure soul too 🙂 God bless her n him and yes his fans r alwyas there with him 🙂 Karan truly deserves all the hapiness 🙂

  2. Shukla Raj

    December 22, 2014 at 2:04 AM

    Well Said !
    I wish everyone will take the time to see reality and understand the truth about KSG ! He is indeed a man with a heart of filled with immense love and gratitude .

  3. seema fatima

    December 27, 2014 at 10:02 PM

    karan singh grover is always my fav actor
    nothing can change him frm being my fav actor…always 4ever

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