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Karan Johar visited Twitter headquarters

Karan Johar, Twitter headquarters

Guess, who came visiting at Twitter’s headquarters in USA? None other than the internet savvy filmmaker, Karan Johar.

Given the fact that Bollywood is quite popular on the social networking site, many a Bollywood star have made a point to drop by to say ‘hello’. However, Karan is the first filmmaker from the Indian film industry to visit the popular site’s office. Needless to add, he had the office buzzing when he entered as the filmmaker is one of the most popular denizen and a multifaceted one at that. He enjoys a following of 8.99 million on their site.

Besides being a filmmaker whose work is quite significant and relevant to Bollywood’s growth, Karan has been one of the first directors to add new dimensions to the profile of a filmmaker. He also hosts a chat show, anchors film evens, a much-sought after celeb judge for reality musical and talent shows and as well as acting. The filmmaker is fearless when it comes experimenting outside his image.

He’s also writing a column in a noted morninger. But for an internet savvy personality, the only time he makes excuse to avoid any aspect is when he has to write emails. He’s reported to have said that he lets his secretary answer his emails, as for personal ones, he’d rather pick up the phone and talk.

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