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John Abraham smoked 60 cigarettes a day for Dishoom!

John Abraham, cigarettes, Dishoom
John Abraham who has always been the posterboy for health and fitness in the country, recently had to let go of his inhibitions for his character in Dishoom, also starring Varun Dhawan.
The actor who essays the role of a tough cop in the entertainer had to smoke over 60 cigarettes a day during the shoot of the film, despite being a complete disciplined non-smoker.
While a few of his films earlier had required him to light up in a scene or two, with Dishoom he ended up smoking over 600 cigarettes through the schedule of the film and has now turned to a complete detox diet ,to get the tobacco out of his system.
As per the close sources, ” John who doesn’t smoke at all , had smoked over 600 cigarettes as his character is a mean, tough cop and several of those scenes were even integral to the script. He is on a complete detox diet now ,which includes green salads and raw vegetable juices. He has also doubled his water intake . Apart from his regular fitness routine , he has also incorporated more cardio in his regime, to sweat the toxins out .He does this in the wee hours of the morning outdoors ,when the air is the cleanest”.
When contacted confirmed John, “In no way do I or ever will I endorse smoking. It is a terrible habit that affects your health. I had to smoke about 60 cigarettes a day for the film but I am now getting it out of my system”.
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