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Jay Bhanushali Bring His Love To The Sets!

Jay Bhanushali

Mumbai: Jay Bhanushali is one happy man, who wouldn’t be if you have your greatest love, at work with you? We are not talking about his beautiful wife but the second love of his life, his bikes!

Apparently, Last week they shot Sonu Nigam’s hit track ‘Deewana tera…’ for the film and Jay felt it would look lovely to have him on the bike, since he himself owns some mean machines, he volunteered to get one for the song.

“Jay loves his bikes, he is someone who speaks passionately about them and also takes very good care of his bikes, so when he suggested that he could get his bikes for the song sequence we are shooting for the film, we all leaped up at the offer,” quipped a source close to the film Leela.

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