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Its dream comes true for Mona Singh

Mona Singh

Mumbai: If you’ve been wondering where ‘TV Queen’ Mona Singh has disappeared, we’ve got news. Last heard she was having ‘Zed Plus’ security cover as someone had splashed a bucket of cold water on her face!

Hang on; we are talking about Zed Plus a film by Dr Chandraprakash Dwivedi in which Mona has a pivotal role. More importantly, for Mona it has been a dream come true to be part of a song in which water has been splashed on her face in slow motion.

“As a child, I was always mesmerized when water was thrown on a heroine’s face in slow motion. It has been my dream to feature in a sequence like that. It was a trend started by choreographer Bhushan Lakandri in 1942 A Love Story,” says Mona.

Not only has Mona been able to fulfil her dream but the song in which she has been featured, has been choreographed by Bhushan Lakandri himself! Working with the legendary choreography was an added bonus for Mona.

Zed Plus is not your typical Bollywood film with ‘zero plot’, dancing around trees and digitalized fight sequences; it’s a political satire in which the ‘Dancing Diva’ has a rustic role.

Mona is not saying anything more than this at this stage, but she assures us that this one is going to be a laugh riot.

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