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Is Bipasha Basu getting into good books of Karan Singh Grover’s fans?

Bipasha Basu, Karan Singh Grover, fans

Mumbai: Actress Bipasha Basu a name known to many but not remembered in recent days prior to her movie #Alone due to the numerous flops and unacceptable by the masses movies. Age has also caught up with her and at 36 she sure does not look as hot as she use to though she is physically fit.

Her co-actor Karan Singh Grover in #Alone is a couple of years younger, looking hot and sexy plus has a huge fandom though he has only been on television so far and #Alone is his debut. The point we are trying to make here is, Is Bipasha reaping in the profits from Karan Singh Grover’s Fandom for #Alone?

We questioned some people and the answers were astonishing. Most of them said that if Karan Singh Grover was not in the movie, they wouldn’t waste their time, money or energy to go watch Bipasha. She has too many flops and is now too old to hold an audience.

That was the reviews we got, Bipasha has claimed that she was unaware of Karan’s huge fandom and later she came to know via social networking websites as per the reports but now what to say, Bipasha the new Bollywood actor whose fan following was not so much are saying this for you.

Along with this it has was added by some of the fans that they Seriously hope that due credit is given to Karan Singh Grover for #Alone and not just used as Eye Candy Fans also request that he is not constantly asked to shut up or keep quiet like how Bipasha keeps telling him to do in almost all Interviews. Shut up, don’t speak, don’t listen to him, he talks rubbish and keep quiet are the terms we have heard in every interview of theirs. Fans are finding it rude and disrespectful to do that to ones co-actor more so when he is Karan Singh Grover.

The Man who has brought in the views and likes plus a huge fandom with him to support #ALONE.

Written By: SKS

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. azlanadeeel

    January 5, 2015 at 8:00 AM

    I was speculating n lingering for such an arti. for so long n here it is,,,, THX …. ‘Alone’ is nt on hype n Boost because of Bips bu its only n only as its Karan’s debut……..its like sun shines everyone sees.. we karan fans only watch him, it doesn’t matter who the opponent is….. in fact karan is proved to be a lucky star for her drowning titanic.even Karan is more popular than most of the BW celebrities.we r heartily thankful to Bushun Sir, for offering karan his 1st step to BW…… ppl r crazy for Alone only 4 KSG.

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