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Ira Trivedi plans a virtual Yoga-A-thon this International Yoga Day

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June 21 is celebrated as International Yoga Day and keeping this in mind Ira Trivedi, a prolific writer, and yoga Archarya has planned a virtual Yoga-A-thon.

Ira and her team at Ira Yoga Wellness are touted to be the curators of invigorating and healing yoga experiences having its roots deeply gnarled in Indian classical traditions. They strongly believe that in the recent world full of uncertainties, it is imperative to stay positive, while we exhale our past and inhale our future.

In relation to this when it was regarding her motive and plan for Yoga-A-thon? Then Ira explained – it is a virtual yoga festival and is focused on elevating one’s physical and mental well-being. This full-day excursion will offer a holistic experience where participants will get an opportunity to learn about the various forms of yoga from a wonderful team of teachers at Ira Yoga Wellness. The event brings with it, interactive sessions that have been curated for people of all age groups and segments to offer them a wholesome experience. Distinguished speakers such as Dr. Cjith Sreedhar, Chief Practitioner at Prakriti Shakti, and Dimple Jangda, Founder, Prana will be highlighting the importance and use of Ayurveda and Naturopathy.

Talking about this new initiative, Ira Trivedi, Founder, Ira Yoga Wellness said, ’’Yoga-A-thon is our effort to invigorate people with engaging and serene yoga sessions aiming at a compressive mental and physical therapy. Our virtual Yoga festival (held recently in the lockdown) was a big hit and we were able to connect with many people. I am myself looking forward to teaching and interacting with participants and even learning from teachers we have on board.”

As per the latest updates, the event will run LIVE from 7:00 am till late evening, paying its tribute to International Yoga Day and would redefine the concept of Yoga from Home.

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