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Interview With Madhur Agarwal Director of SELFIE with Karan Singh Grover

Interview, Madhur Agarwal, Director, SELFIE, Karan Singh Grover

A director usually is never interviewed or given much importance. We decided to be different and took the Interview of upcoming Director Madhur Agrawal.

So tell Us how and when did you start your Career?
I had started my passion in 97 as a model…had walked for a show when Rohit Verma was not that well known. Rohit Verma has gone to become very known and successful name in the industry. Subsequently I pursued choreographer of fashion shows in college.

After being pretty successful in college, I went a step further by pursuing it professionally in fashion choreography.
Loads of drama oriented shows….that time harness wasn’t introduced…but I still got my models come from above which created lots of positive energy among the audience.

How did you start in Direction?
I joined Balaji in a non-fiction department as production associated
Went on into creative. Ending up as Head of creatives from an associate creative head…then learnt light designing on field. I started doing out of Mumbai Stage shows as a light designer. Moved on to become floor director for non-fiction shows. Moved up the ladder to do associate director’s job.

What’s your current project?
Now I am directing a show for ABP News channel.

What’s it called and what is the show about?
It is called SELFIE, It’s about the struggle period of 13 mega stars that made it to their first break in Bollywood and then never looked back.

Who is Anchoring this Show?
Karan Singh Grover is the anchor of this show.

That’s interesting, how is Karan as an Anchor?
Karan is an absolute perfect Anchor for this show. He has the looks, class and disposition to do it perfectly.

Have you worked with Karan prior to this?
We have worked on and off before but not like this…actor director…I must say he has matured and grown a lot as an actor and as a person. I don’t know much about him but whatever I know I can say with belief that he will only grow now. There is NO looking back for Karan. He will become the next biggest star in Bollywood.

Interview, Madhur Agarwal, Director, SELFIE, Karan Singh Grover

How did you come about this show SELFIE?
Sincerely and seriously I would like to THANK Vibha Kaul Bhat of SBS ABP News for giving me this platform to showcase my directorial abilities.

Your thoughts on the struggling days?
Either we wait for our turn to come or leave and get into a different zone of life.

What about family?
Marriage is not on my list till I don’t achieve what I’ve dreamt of. Industry has one rule, It does make u wait but it does pay the entire remuneration once the wait is over. My dream is to get an award for my work from the hands n blessings of my parents. My career as a director has just started. My homework was of 10 yrs. I intend to do a lot of good work.

Hobbies if any?
I love adventure sports…have done bungee,Sky diving, Scuba, Water skiing etc. in New Zealand and Maldives
I’ve taken training of action stunts, car chasing, harness and pulley, horse and trick riding in the period of my homework from 2 veterans…Jeetu Verma and Babbu Khanna.

What about Education?
A commerce student of HR college of Commerce. Didn’t clear my B. Com. Couldn’t understand why Mr. Mithani wrote so much for economics.

What about friends?
Have very selected and genuine set of friends. Don’t trust anybody except your guts in this world.

Thank you Mr. Madhur Agrawal for this totally honest Interview. Bollywood Dhamaka wishes you and your show SELFIE with Karan Singh Grover the utmost Success.

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