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Interview: Lucknowi Ishq Actress Karishma Kotak wants to work with Ranbir Kapoor!

Interview, Lucknowi Ishq, Karishma Kotak, Ranbir Kapoor

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Karishma Kotak has a wonderful conversation with BollywoodDhamaka team about her life, career and plans.

1 ) Soon fans are going to see Karishma in an upcoming movie Lucknowi Ishq, Can you tell us something about the movie?

Answer: Lucknowi ishq is a love story set in lucknow.. its a simple and sweet story with a beautiful backdrop

2) What type of role you are playing in Ishq Klicck?

Answer: A simple girl from lucknow.

3) Share your experience working with Adhyan?

Answer: Adi is a great guy and a very hard working actor.

4) This year your new year resolution was supporting young entrepreneurs and new far have you succeed in it?

Answer: Pretty good actually i definately feel that we should encourage and start supporting new ngos and company’s.

5) Along with this you have one more project in your bag with Pooja Bhatt opposite Arjun Rampal? – how was your experience?

Answer: well I start shooting in march and very excited to be apart of such a huge project

6) Which is your fav place in the world, where you wish you share your time?

Answer: A few places. I love love london and Barcelona in love history and travelling

7) How was your journey | Starting from a magazine in England to a Bollywood actress and now, what are your aims?

Answer: wow it’s been a journey that’s had its ups and downs. Living in mumbai and making some amazing friends will always be a fond memory. I’m happy in the space that im in

8) Which is your favorite Bollywood actor, whom you wish to work with?

Answer: maybe ranbir kapoor

9) You have been a part of reality show Bigg Boss and this season Gautam Gulati is the winner of the show and some people are not happy with the decision what you want to say about it?

Answer: I really liked gautam and pritam aswell.


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