INTERVIEW: “Life is a difficult ball game”, says Mahaakshay Chakraborty

Mahaakshay Chakraborty aka Mimoh, who was last seen in ‘Ishqedarriyaan’, opens up about what he has been up to lately,…

INTERVIEW, Mahaakshay Chakraborty

Mahaakshay Chakraborty aka Mimoh, who was last seen in ‘Ishqedarriyaan’, opens up about what he has been up to lately, what defines success and his thoughts on the failure of his last movie at the box office.

We hear you’ve gotten into fitness completely. Please share with us a few things.
Fitness completely? I was always into fitness. I just love pushing myself and reaching greater heights when it comes to stamina, cardio and training. I just got back from Phuket, Thailand where I was for over a month and did an extensive training camp revolving around Mixed Martial Arts and now since I’m back, I’m become lean like I have never been!

What’s your next project?
Offers are cooking up. And the ones I really like. I’m superstitious. Won’t tell you about it until they start.

You recently went to Bangkok. Please share your experiences over there.
My family joined me in Bangkok after my camp got done in Phuket. They were very happy seeing my transformation. And I also got a lot of Under Armour gear. The same gear which the American Military wears.

Are you open to television too?
I’m open to anything if I feel I can portray my acting capabilities to the max.

Does being the son of a superstar bog you down?
I have answered this question like a billion times but since you have asked me for the billionth time plus one yet again, I will say ‘No’, it doesn’t bog me down. I love the challenges it presents me. I love the victory I feel when I overcome all the obstacles.

You are the eldest of your siblings. Does that put a lot of pressure on you?
It feels great to be the eldest amongst the four of us. And I love being a grown up. The maturity I have today is incredible. I see life as a man rather than a boy and I feel no pressure. In fact I feel a huge responsibility and that responsibility only makes me stronger and more focused.

We don’t see your mom making too many appearances. Is that a personal choice?
Mom is super shy of the media. So yes, she keeps herself away from the limelight. But she is the foundation which keeps our intact and together.

Will we see you sharing screen space with your father anytime soon?
I did already share space with Dad in ‘Enemmy’ and yes if the opportunity presents itself, I will do it yet again. It is an honour to work with the powerhouse which is my Dad.

What do you think went wrong with your last film ‘Ishqedarriyaan’?
Nothing went wrong with ‘Ishqedarriyaan’. It is a beautiful Film. You will agree with me when you see it. I enjoyed and loved every moment of being a part of the film.

Is Bollywood a difficult ball game?
Life is a difficult ball game! Everything about life is tough but you see, that is the beauty of it. Whether it is life or Bollywood or the cut-throat competition, those things only make you tougher and make you realize you were a bad ass to begin with. All you needed was that push of competition to unleash it.

Do you think survival in this industry is difficult?
Survival is the greatest trait of us human beings. If we aren’t tested and tasted defeat, we won’t ever fight back. This is my 8th year in the industry and I am still fighting. I guess that proves that in order to survive, we have to know what it feels like to be at the bottom. Only when you hit rock bottom can you rise up from the ashes.

What’s next for Mahaakshay?
Mahaakshay is a fighter and a survivor and a certified bad ass! You will see me proving that very soon. Never. Give up.