Interview: I wish if I can kiss Enrique Iglesias, says Rose Sardana

Mumbai: The gorgeous and fabulous Rose Sardana who recently roped in for ‘Hum Apke Ghar Mein Rehte Hain’, Shashi Sumeet Mittal’s…

Interview, Enrique Iglesias, Rose Sardana

Mumbai: The gorgeous and fabulous Rose Sardana who recently roped in for ‘Hum Apke Ghar Mein Rehte Hain’, Shashi Sumeet Mittal’s upcoming series for Sab TV.

The hot and sexy girl takes out her valuable time with us to share her shades with her fans and followers.

  1. Can you tell us about yourself including your likes and dislikes, hobbies and what you do in your free time?
    Rose shares, “I love music, hanging out with friends. Late night gatherings and cup of tea during midnight. I go crazy in dancing. It also helps keeping me fit and healthy. I love to be pampered, My parents and friends keep on doing so. In additional I too pamper myself (smiles). Personally I am also in meditations. I believe on God and I keep praying which really helps me in keeping my mind peaceful and relaxed. If mind is relaxed for sure I get motivated to work hard and achieve success. I am very much workaholic personality. I love involved in working. One to two days off is enough for me to stay at home but the third day I want to get working again. Thoughts of sitting free troubles me.”

  2. What about style? Share your style with us! How you plan to style for the ongoing Monsoons?
    Rose tells, “I wear all the brands and I get compliments for my each look. Either its Indian or Western. So, when you think about Style I feel for me it’s basically the perfect outlook which gives me comfort and at same time makes me look perfect. I believe putting much makeup and wearing something just for fashion even that is not helping you to look perfect and feel comfortable is not style.
    When we talk about ongoing monsoons, I am ready with my smart outfits like Tshirts, shorts, jumpsuits etc. Even I take care of colors that I am wearing. Atlast, I love rain.”

  3. Any actor you have crush on?
    Rose replies, “crush (blinks) I really like Enrique Iglesias. I feel he is too hot and sexy. At the same time he is perfectly build. I wish if I can kiss him someday.
    I also feel for Ranbir Singh. I remember the day when I met him once. He such a bindaas guy. His personality was really amazing. He is totally down to earth.”

  4. Do you have any romantic dream on the part of proposing a guy?
    Rose wonders and replies, “Well I feel propose should be done by a guy. Waiting for the smartest and well established guy who will propose ‘Rose’ with a rose.
    I am really filmy personality in this point. I don’t think I’ll be first to propose someone, even if I like him. But you never know, love has no mind.”

  5. What If we talk about works and your future plans?
    Rose replies, ” As I said I am workaholic. Meetings are always lined up for me. I am looking forward to work in movies too. I want to capture silver screen too. So busy working with this, these days. Well I even wish to do a Punjabi movie and I am very much sure to do it. I am Punjabi and wana shower my acting skills and grow more with Punjabi industry too.”

Rose for sure you will achieve success. Handworkers never fails!
Wish you all the successful colors in life.