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“I openly say I am Suhail Zargar’s biggest Fan,” says Waseem Sabir

Suhail Zargar, Waseem Sabir

Mumbai: The director and producer Waseem Sabir, now a days is into mind of music lovers. After the grand success of ‘O Meri Jaan’, He is with us to share more about himself and his album!

When we buzz the director and producer of the album to know for the same then he shared, “We’ll have always believed in doing something different , been lucky also to do different kind of shows even on TV , I mean same general drama with a difference. Somewhere having a different take on scenes , story and characters have got me the standing where I am in television, and I am honoured. Regards to ‘O Meri Jaan’ , I knew of Suhail for some time but we never discussed work, he is like my younger brother , one day we were just sitting and thinking of doing something for creative sake as life was getting very monotonous with the shoot of a daily soap, always had in mind to do something meaningful in reference to daughters and their state in our country and in general. Things were there in my mind and Suhail just come up with the beautiful composition, we were actually sitting and I was forcing him to make me hear his songs , best part about him is, he is three in one composer songwriter and singer and a typical ARTIST with his moods , me being an elder brother got my way through to hear few of compositions and quite liked ‘O Meri Jaan’ asked him to send me a scratch next day and I just started getting visuals of father and daughter and their fun”

We tried to know why mother was not cast in the album, Waseem adds, “somewhere the mother didn’t come in mind because I know what special bond a father and daughter share, have seen it in my house So when I first told this to Suhail he was like bhai it’s a hardcore soft romantic number but then I had to convince him as I wanted the song and that’s how the journey began of O Meri Jaan.”

When asked about his interest over the newbie ‘Suhail Zargar songs’ and he shares, “If I had the money I would seriously ask Suhail to record all his compositions and keep it for my personal hearing , he has a very long way to go just because of the brilliance of his talent , he writes from his soul and I openly say I am his biggest Fan.”

We went up to know that how they bought in soo many talented television actors for ‘#Raise her’ concept, Mr. Sabir shares, “Have been lucky enough to have a good will in the industry and the actors who turned up are not just actors for me but some are family and some very good friends and I feel honoured with their gesture.”

With such creative work and producing heart touching album we asked the director about his future plans he shares, “We’ll post getting into production have learnt a lot as to what all can happen plus been lucky enough to get calls from channels asking me to produce some software for them. Yeah feels great! Future plans actually many , with the success of ‘O Meri Jaan’ specially the way we got received at BBC Radio , 2 live interviews of Suhail with BBC Leicester n BBC Nottingham also another live interview of Suhail and Ridhi Dogra in talks about ‘O Meri Jaan’ and #RaiseHer with BBC Asiannetwork. Fortunately unfortunately Indian radio stations are not interested to even break the story. But guess that’s all cuz of marketing and frankly we didn’t do any because ‘O Meri Jaan’ is made with love and we wanted it to reach people in the most organic way we could and actually we did and am very proud of that! Future plans yes Working on few more things music related as it’s an universal language so let’s hope for the best.”

We wish Waseem Sabir all the best and bright future ahead!

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