Himesh Reshammiya composed 300 songs in this lockdown period!

It has almost been 25 years since the artist began his career.

Himesh Reshammiya
Photo: Instagram

Composer turned singer, Himesh Reshammiya set foot in the industry and began composing songs for TV. It was with Salman Khan’s film Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya that he began getting recognition. He later became a judge and even tried his hand at acting.

It has almost been 25 years since the artist began his career. In a recent interview to a publication , the artist revealed that he has composed around 700 songs for a mega project, it includes 300 new songs that he made during this lockdown. He didn’t reveal the name of the project but said it will be announced soon and has some great tunes.


Reshammiya also mentioned that music in today’s time needs to be independent. Music in India, compared to the rest of the world is very different as it is mostly dominated by films. But the independence of music will emerge in the industry soon.

Himesh also talked about the song remixes prevailing in today’s time. He said, ” think it is time to go back to original music. The audience is saying it and not just the music industry. Very soon, you will get a lot of beautiful melodies from me, and from others too.”