Highest-rated Friends episodes you can watch before the premiere of ‘Friends Reunion’

Bollywood Dhamaka has brought you the most favourite and highest-rated friends episode you can watch until the reunion.

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The release date of the anticipated ‘Friends Reunion’ episode finally got announced and it’s sooner than you think! All your favourite characters like Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Phoebe,  Joey, and Ross are getting together after a period of 17 years. Although the show ended back in 2004, it has been so iconic that it has stayed relevant to date. People are often seen reciting popular dialogues, humming the legendary theme song and much other stuff from the show.

So while you wait for the ‘Friends Reunion’ to premiere at HBO Max on May 28, Bollywood Dhamaka has brought you the most favourite and highest rated friends episode you can watch until then.

1. The one with the videotape (Season 8 Episode 4)


The episode was focused on how Ross and Rachel ended up getting together for one night, long after they had broken up. Laughter ensued when both of them start an argument while deciding who seduced whom. Whereas Monica and Chandler have just returned from their honeymoon and are excited to bond with another couple who has been just married.

2. The one with the proposal (Season 6 Episode 24-25)

This was the season finale of the sixth season of the show. Its main focus was on Chandler’s plan to finally propose to Monica during dinner that is interrupted by her ex, Richard. Another character, Joey ends up buying a boat at the silent auction. While Ross contemplates his relationship with Elizabeth.

3. The one with the prom video (Season 2 Episode 14)

Best buddies Joey and Chandler tried to seal their friendship by having matching bracelets to symbolise it while one of them is extremely uncomfortable with it. Monica‘s parents are ready to change her old room and make it into a gym. Ross and Rachel’s relationship sparkles up when Rachel changes her mind after previously telling Ross that she will never be in love with him again.

4. The one with the embryos (Season 4 Episode 12)

Phoebe has decided to go through an embryo implant procedure because she wants to be the surrogate to her stepbrother and his wife. Meanwhile, Monica and Rachel put their apartment at risk while playing a trivia game against Chandler and Joey.

5. The one where everybody finds out (Season 5 Episode 14)


This was the most loved episode from all 10 seasons of friends. The plot mainly focuses on how Chandler and Monica‘s relationship which was supposed to be a secret ends up getting revealed to all other four friends. On the other hand, Ross struggles with proving that he is sane to his boss so that he can return to work.