Govinda attends music launch of ‘Kaun Mera Kaun Tera’

Actor Govinda attended first look and music launch of film named ‘Kaun Mera Kaun Tera which stars his maternal brother…

Actor Govinda attended first look and music launch of film named ‘Kaun Mera Kaun Tera which stars his maternal brother Akash on Thursday in Mumbai.

Talking about the film, Govinda said, “I want to congratulate Akash who is debuting from Kaun Mera Kaun Tera. We have lot of artists in our family and over the years audience has supported our family really well. Now Akash is coming as newcomer in this industry and starting his career. I pray for him and wish him all the best. Rajinder mama has started from thought of this film and he has done everything.”

When asked him difference when he made debut in film industry, Govinda said, “When I started my career that time, I didn’t thought that I will become hero in films but my hard work paid off. I was doing work whichever coming my way but now it is much easier and for me it was co-incidence. I feel today’s newcomer does lot of hard work to sustain in the industry and Akash also done hard work for the film so I hope he gets his due and success with this film.”

Talking about idolizing Govinda, Akash said, “I have seen all his movies since my childhood. I learned expressions and impressions from him and I took inspiration from him as well. Whenever I meet him, I get the opportunity to learn from him and he is my idol in the industry”

Talking about his role, he said, “I am playing police inspector in the film. He is very loyal and good human being in the film”

Talking about her experience working in the film, actress Priya Mishra said, “It honor for us that Govinda has attended music launch of our film. He also met us during shoot of this film and he gave us his blessings and we have learnt a lot from him and his movies”

Talking about plot of the film, Rajinder said, “It’s totally comedy film. This film has many double roles and in this film girls takes revenge but it also has some good songs and dance sequences”


Kaun Mera Kaun Tera is is produced by Vikram Chaudhary and directed by R.P. Singh.

It stars Akash Gaharwal, Priya Msihra, Gargi patel, Mushtaaq Khan, Ehsaan Khan and Maya Yadav in key roles.