Gajendra Verma and Sonu Kakkar’s new song Sun Baliye is all about incomplete love stories

The music video of the song ‘Sun Baliye’ stars Gajendra Verma and actress Apoorva Arora.

Sun Baliye, Gajendra Verma, Sonu Kakkar
Source: Instagram

Two popular names from the Indian music industry i.e. Gajendra Verma and Sonu Kakkar got together to voice a new track titled Sun Baliye. It recently released and has a very upbeat, EDM vibe to it. However, the story that unfolds in the music video is about the kind of love that remains incomplete.

TTin the leading role. In the earlier stage of the video, we sense a budding romance between them. They also have a captivating screen presence that suits the song. However, the twist at the end will leave you shocked.

See the video here:

Garry Vilkhu is the director of the video. Whereas, Mann Taneja is the person who composed and wrote the words to the song. Since its release, ‘Sun Baliye’ has made its way to the trending list of Youtube and has over 600k views.